what some of our clients are saying...

Your ability to clear up the emotional clutter and focus on happy memories of things instead of collecting stuff is most appreciated… I don’t know how I would have tackled that mess without you. I don’t know if you’ll ever really know the impact you have made on our lives, but we feel more at peace at home than we have in a long time.”

Client in Austin, TX

Seeding Simplicity’s services were stellar, from initiation to follow-up. The idea of opening up my closets and drawers to a stranger was terrifying, but Sarah had an amazing way of putting me at ease and keeping me on task at the same time. I’m loving the new streamlined spaces in my house and I’m inspired to create “a home for everything…”

Client in Austin, TX

After completion, everything was so much nicer. Things have a place. Others in my household, as well as guests, noted how comfortable everything was. I have received the most comments on my office. People have said they wanted a space like that for themselves.

Client in Austin, TX

Sarah transformed my master closet and several other areas of my home in a very short amount time. She can look at clutter and quickly envision a cost effective solution. When I looked at those areas I just felt overwhelmed, I love that everything has a place!

Client in Round Rock, TX

Sarah came to my house helping me organize my untidy closet, working within my meager budget. She has a great deal of organizational talent and common sense, all of which made for a comfortable, professional experience. I would hire her again without thinking twice.

Client in Houston, TX