Simple Valentine’s Day traditions…

Keeping the holidays simple and stress-free can be a challenge at times. Having specific Valentine’s Day traditions the last few years at our home has not only greatly simplified and organized this holiday for me but made it more meaningful for us all. While traditions and rituals are so important to kids, they don’t need to be extravagant or pricey to be meaningful. As crazy as it may seem, Valentine’s Day does not need to involve store-bought cards, gifts or even candy if it doesn’t feel right for your family. It’s supposed to be about love, right?

In our family, we have two simple traditions for Valentine’s Day morning:  love notes  and  oatmeal.

You may be thinking… “notes and oatmeal, boring much?”.  I obviously like simple, but beyond that… not only is it an easy tradition to replicate and anticipate each year but I like to think it keeps our bodies and wallets healthier… and thus happier in the long run!

So, prior to Valentine’s Day morning we each write one another love notes, being as specific as possible as to what we love and appreciate about one another. We place them in our handmade Valentine’s Day mailboxes, made of cereal boxes and felt, that will at some point go in our memory boxes.


Just a tip: A simple felt envelope would be cute and much more simple than my cereal box craft. Unless you are really crafty (that’s not me)… then know it was harder than it looks to cover that box! I figured if preschoolers could do it, I could! But I guess I’m a little more particular than four-year-olds. I had my husband help me out and let’s just say he didn’t enjoy the process any more than me. We’ll just chalk that up to a “live and learn”, and a “fun” memory!


Then we simply read our love notes aloud over our oatmeal adorned with a strawberry or raspberry heart. 


But you don’t need a crafty box, envelope or even shoe box to put your notes in if you like the idea of “love notes”. Having a journal for each family member for others to write (or dictate to parents) love notes or pictures in not only on Valentine’s Day but for other special days such as birthday’s could be even better! Check out the popular Simplifying the card giving process post.


If you don’t already have a tradition around Valentine’s Day try a new one out! Dr. Laura Markham has “15 Fun Valentine’s Day Family Traditions” here:

Studies show that happy families not only have treasured traditions, they evolve new ones that help them find their way through the inevitable changes of growing up, as well as create warm bonds and a sense of security.

Dr. Laura Markham

I would love to hear what you do, or want to do in the future, to keep Valentine’s Day simply meaningful! Leave me a comment below…


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