Organized spice jars

I had a client this week that, among other things, wanted some help creating a more organized spice jar system. She not only loves cooking for her family but has a small business that revolves around her love of Indian cooking.

Check out her awesome website here as well as the Indian cooking classes she will be teaching at Whole Foods!*

*Note: All client info is kept confidential unless the client requests otherwise.

She wanted spice jars that were large enough to get a tablespoon into and also had a sprinkle lid option. The winning glass jar was found at World Market. She also wanted to keep her Indian spices separate so she purchased short mason jars similar to these to store separately in one of her upper cabinets (final results not pictured here, but will update when I have one!).

We were deciding between different label options, both removable and washable options (such as these simple white Avery ones), but her top priorities included 1) printable labels, 2) something a tad decorative, and 3) easy for her to replicate if she needed to add more labels later…. so we finally landed on these Martha Stewart kraft labels ($3.99/36). This was the finished result of her alphabetized non-Indian spice cabinet that resides so conveniently at the end of her kitchen island…


I was definitely googling a few of these spices (94 in total!) to be sure they were spelled correctly before printing. Yep, my client is a good speller… and knows a lot about spices.


I was really pleased with the result and, most importantly, so was she!

So,  why  would anyone want to spend the time and money on such a spice jar project? Here are just a few reasons…

  • Same-sized jars and consistent labels allow for an organized arrangement that is both easy on the eyes and allows spices to be found in a flash.
  • If you can find them, no duplicates are purchased. And this system is conducive to buying small quantities in the bulk section of the grocery store, which can also save money in the long run for those spices that you only need small quantities of (no more throwing out expired spices).
  • They are so pretty to look at and fun to use; I bet a lot of us could use a little inspirational fun in the kitchen!

If you love this concept and have a small, standard spice collection there are various FREE templates, such as this one, that you can find online to print labels. Just note that most require you to print on full-paper size sticker labels or sheets of vinyl and then manually cut them out with either scissors or a circle whole punch. Etsy shops also sell sets of standard pre-printed spice labels.

For now, I’m sticking with my simple acrylic spice risers and trying to buy the same brand of jars at the grocery store to keep my spices more organized… but I have no doubt this will be a project for my own home in the future!

Hope you all have a Happy Friday!

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