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Bathrooms are not the easiest rooms to organize. Bathroom storage units come in all different sizes, from really deep to shallow shelving and from lots of drawers to no drawers at all. Some bathroom shelving is moveable and some is fixed. And with bulky towels to tiny nail polishes, finding homes for our things in the bathroom can be a real challenge.

If you are wasting time in the bathroom looking for your tweezers, if you are buying duplicates of that pricey allergy medicine (that nearly all of us in central Texas have), or just have way too many products you are in the right place. I will share with you 5 easy steps to getting your bathroom organized with a focus on containerizing since that is often times the hardest part.

Five Steps to an Organized Bathroom:

#1  Take everything out of your cabinets/drawers and assess what you do and don’t need. If you don’t need it set it aside for either trash, recycle or donate. Be realistic! If you haven’t used that hair product sample that you got a couple months ago, that tube of pink lipstick you got last year, or that hair clip since 1990 you probably aren’t ever going to use them… and in the meantime they are cluttering up your space! You will be able to find stuff easier and take better care of and enjoy the things that you do have if you have LESS.

Origins stores accept empty cosmetics tubes, bottles and jars for recycling – regardless of the brand. AND Origins will give you a free sample of its high-performance skincare products in return.

#2  Give your drawers and cabinet surfaces a good wipe down with water or mild household cleaner.

#3  With the remaining products/items, separate out your items into daily, weekly, and occasionally used piles. You will want to keep your daily routine products together at easy reach. Weekly and occasionally used products/items can be stored further away. During this process you might find that you reduce your stash even further.

#4  Containerize. Simply placing all your items on the shelves and in drawers in a logical manner works fine but I find some real advantages to containerizing bathroom items when getting organized…

  • Items are easier to find when you have dedicated homes for them, therefore, eliminating wasted time in getting ready for your day
  • It allows you to more easily see how much you have of one thing or type of product, therefore you are less likely to make duplicate purchases
  • You are less likely to purchase items that don’t fit in the space that you have allotted; passing up on those impulse purchases of products or styling tools you don’t need will save you big bucks over time
  • Visually, it is more appealing to most people to have a streamlined look and might bring you a little extra joy in the morning!

Containers come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and price points and rarely will you see containers that scream “use me in the bathroom!” so in addition to the “3 Questions to ask yourself when searching for a storage solution”, here are a few tips when searching for bathroom storage containers

  • You will want those containers that hold make-up or other possibly messy items to be a cleanable material. Plastic, acrylic and wood containers are sure bets in bathroom drawers.
  • Think about whether you prefer see-through or non see-through containers. There are obvious advantages to both.
  • I suggest getting containers that match so be sure to purchase them at a place that have many of the same item; discount stores often have storage solutions but not many of the exact same item. Some stores you may want to browse are Container Store, Target, and Ikea.

If you are a visual learner like me you may be thinking, so what does that look like? There is no one way to organize a bathroom and there are so many solutions, but here are just a few storage solutions I have used in my own home that have proved to be successful for my family:

Child’s Bathroom: My daughter’s bathroom has a linen closet with simple horizontal shelves; it is great storage but the shelves are deep and widely spaced. If you don’t have a lot of linens to store, like myself, maximizing space, as well as making the space visually appealing, can be a real challenge in these types of closets.

So, I purchased some acrylic shoe drawers from Container Store to store those bathroom items we don’t use every day. What I like about it… it uses the vertical space well, I can easily add on to the storage later, I can visually see how much I have of certain things, and the items are easily accessible with the sliding drawers.

*Update: I’m using round Avery Kraft labels here, running them through my home printer.


I also containerized other items (that seemed to explode in the bathroom) in some heart storage bins I purchased at Target. At around 7″ long they are smaller than they appear in the picture but are great for little hands and for keeping collections small. Note: I would typically suggest organizing bows by hanging a simple ribbon on your wall but since my daughter doesn’t wear them but once in a blue moon they were better boxed up, especially since holiday bows and jewelry are now separated and are more likely to be accessed and used together. Also, if you have a little girl you probably know that there can be many different levels of jewelry. In addition to the boxes shown, my daughter has a traditional jewelry box for nicer pieces that she wears with my help.


Guest Bathroom: Our guest bathroom linen closet also has deep shelves so I’ve used woven baskets from Target to store guest towels, beach towels, bathroom cleaning supplies, etc.  While functional they are more for aesthetics. I don’t feel the need to label them… yet.


Master Bath: Drawer dividers, in one form or another, are used in every bathroom of our home. Dividers are really great at keeping things in order. And keeping make-up in a handled container makes for a smooth transition to the countertop.


I suggest organizing your medicine by the way that you use it.  When we don’t feel good and have foggy brain syndrome we don’t have to think much with our current system. And with the see-through containers I can get a quick visual of whether we are getting low on supplies. You may have noted that I keep the children’s and adult’s medicines separate. While they don’t need to be I prefer it that way since they are easier to access and I don’t have to worry about picking up an adult medicine for my child by accident. Note: It is recommended to keep your medicine away from heat and moisture but we don’t keep a lot of medicines on hand so I haven’t made it an issue in our home thus far. Alternatively, you could keep your medicine in the kitchen away from a heat source.

*Update: I’m using the round Avery Kraft labels here as well. They are so very versatile and cost effective!


If you would like a few more storage ideas, check out the Organized Bathroom board on my Pinterest page!

#5  And lastly… maintenance. Once you see your drawers and cabinets becoming dirty or disorganized simply take 10 minutes to spruce them up. You may need to periodically update your system which is normal; as our lives and preferences evolve over time so do our organizational systems.

Anyone inspired to do a little spring cleaning + organizing in their bathroom? Leave me a comment below!

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  • I went through this process recently. The one aspect I don’t love is how I organized “extras” like multiple shaving gel or deodorant- things that sometimes come in bulk. I have them in baskets at the top of the shelf but I can’t really see them due to height and the boxes are not transparent. A work in progress, I guess.

  • Thanks for the comment, Leigh! I personally like the idea of duplicates being stored further up and away (if easily accessible), even in a bin that is not transparent as it does not add to visual clutter (this is what I do in my master bathroom, not shown). If you are about to run out of something you can just pull the bin down and see if you have a replacement. But if doesn’t feel right, then give it some time and you might find a better storage solution down the line! Getting the system just right takes time… congrats on what sounds like a really great start!

  • where are the clear bins you store medicine in from? i like those — a great solution for keeping vitamins and supplements for each family member.

  • Great idea, 1vivigirl! You can find those clear bins at Container Store in the kitchen section; Bed Bath & Beyond has a very similar option as well (don’t forget your coupon). Happy organizing. 🙂

  • Thanks, Catherine! The Avery circle labels can be found on my Amazon store of my favorite things: The other, rectangular craft labels are Martha Stewart brand and can be found at Staples.

    I used the “+” (addition sign), used the “Gills Sans Ultra Bold” font, size 36, color red. When you purchase the labels it will tell you what template you need to download from the internet. Pretty easy. Hope that helps!

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  • Could you please tell me what the clear bins are used for below the medicine and above #5?

  • Sure thing, Cyndi! Not picture worthy, but it’s a great wide stacking system on the right for different types of feminine products (taken out of boxes). And the left side smaller stacking bins is great for wipes or other small occasional medicines that don’t fit in the other medicine categories (I have top labeled Misc Medicine). Hope this helps, and here is link to the Linus Bins that can be found at Container Store, Amazon, etc.

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