the professional organizer behind Seeding Simplicity...

***I’m currently on maternity leave***

I’ve always had a natural inclination to organize and simplify. As a child I loved re-arranging my room, as a youth I spent time organizing my photo albums, and as a student I loved keeping my schoolwork neat and organized. After graduating from Baylor University with a Masters in Accounting and obtaining my CPA certification I worked in both public and corporate accounting as a financial auditor and then financial accountant. I, subsequently, became a stay-at-home mom to one sweet little girl and it was then that I was able to really put into practice my organizing skills in the home on a day-to-day basis.

Kids inevitably bring more things into the home; they are constantly growing out of clothes and toys and without organization things can quickly get out of hand. Additionally, there are family calendars to organize, digital pictures to organize, recipes to organize, and the list goes on. I enjoyed organizing so much that I decided this is not just a hobby but a gift that I want to use to help others. I feel blessed to be able to “do what I enjoy”.

I have four main organizing and simplification principles: (1) Only those items that are used or are held dear to your heart should be kept (2) Everything in a home should have a functional “home”, (3) Put back what you get out, and (4) Maintenance should be done regularly. In following these principles there are three simple steps to creating organization and simplification: (1) Sort & Reduce (2) Assign homes and (3) Maintain.

About my organizing syle… I strive to combine functionality with aesthetics to create an attractive, orderly space. I come up with practical and economical ways to use supplies clients already have on hand to organize with, but I am an organizer so I really appreciate organizing products. I enjoy selling or consigning items I no longer need to make a little extra cash; I’m an accountant and delight in keeping expenses in check and saving money where I can. I most often prefer to use technology to manage my time, photos, contacts, music, recipes and personal documents. And more recently, I enjoy finding new and easy ways to reduce my footprint on our planet.  Every little step counts and I love assisting my clients in making their lives a little more eco-friendly if they so desire.

An organized life, to me, is one in which you can find things faster, have less duplication and clutter, eliminate confusion and waste, reduce stress and most importantly have more time for the things that matter the most. I’m committed to using my gifts to help bring about positive changes in the lives of Austinites. I hope to be able to bring you more peace in your home and life through organization and simplification.